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The Barbecuties - Eternal dorkness (Monster Zero Records, 2017)

01. Wearing thin
02. Time flies
03. Coffee shop girl
04. Jukebox Saturday night
05. Cute stoned psychedelic girl
06. Mona
07. Spin
08. One shot for every night
09. Pop Punk 201
10. Vegan Nazi bitches
Betty Poop
12. Gimme gimme cowgirl steak
13. Aloha Mon Amour


The Barbecuties - Go down with style (Monster Zero Records, 2015)

01. Breaking me (and up with you)

02.  I want your love, you want my beer

03. I wanna be into metalcore

04. A lonely boy's dream

05. Wide awake with you

06. Summer vacation

07. Paris, France

08. She's from Cologne

09. Kickstart my heart

10. Over you

11. Social Failure Manifesto

12. Coconut girl

13. Helluva... whatever


The Barbecuties scared the shit out of me (Bubblegum Attack Records, 2009)

01. The end of rock'n'roll

02. Holidays a' coming

03. Kung food all

04. Pop punk 101

05. Lost my head tonight

06. I can't stop thinking about you

07. M.O.R.O.N.V.I.L.L.E.


Promnight Heartbreak (self-released, 2007)

01. A.O.K.

02. Knockout bitch

03. Daytona Beach

04. Stupid dickhead

05. Kiss me baby

06. She's a mallrat

07. Your similarity to my middlefinger

08. Paris, USA

09. Sentimentally retarded

10. Semi-pro

11. I wanna be on Mutant Pop

12. Promnight queen


Showdown D'Amour (self-released, 2005)

01. Touchdown d'amour

02. Uuh baby baby

03. Anastasia

04. The life of Brian

05. Make my body bleed

06. Love letters in the sand

07. Beer cost or view

08. Mini skirts and blue tops

09. Who farted

10. What if


Planet Of The Babes (self-released, 2002)

01. Strike

02. Julia finally has tits

03. That special girl

04. 50 seconds to make you mine

05. The ballad of The Barbecuties

06. I don't wanna be no fuckin' hippie shit

07. Shagedelic queen

08. Don't tell me something I already know

09. Cruisin' down the highway of love

10. Martina Hingis

11. Supersquishy girl

12. Merry X-Mas, Santa Clause!

13. Not the kinda boy

14. She's a cop




Around The World (Radiant Radish Records, 2019)

BBQTs songs: Time Flies, Jukebox Saturday Night, Mona, Aloha Mon Amour

other bands: Vista Blue, Screaming Dogs, Los Padrinos!

download: https://radiantradish.bandcamp.com/album/around-the-world


7 Years of Keep it a Secret (Keep it a Secret Records, 2018)

BBQTs song: Aloha Mon Amour

other bands include: Flanders 72, Bat Signal, Russian Girlfriends

official free download: https://keepitasecret.bandcamp.com/album/7-years-of-keep-it-a-secret


Tales From The Pop Punk World Vol. 3  (Ramone To The Bone Records, 2016)

BBQTs song: Summer vacation

other bands include: Midrake, Teenage Gluesnifffers, Flanders 72, The Mugwumps, Latte+, Grim Deeds

official free download: https://rttb-records.bandcamp.com/album/rttb-38-16-va-tales-from-the-pop-punk-world-vol-3


Tales From The Pop Punk World Vol. 2  (Ramone To The Bone Records, 2014)

BBQTs song: Love Phil Spector style

other bands include: The Capitalist Kids, The Bat BItes, Parasites, Neon Bone, The Windowsill

official free download: https://rttb-records.bandcamp.com/album/rttb-34-16-va-tales-from-the-pop-punk-world-vol-2


Pop​-​Punk X​-​Mas - Hey Ho Ho Ho .​.​. Let it snow (Ramone To The Bone Records, 2012)

BBQTs song: (It's gonna be a) Rock'n'Roll X-Mas Party (this year)

other bands include: The Mansfields, Flanders 72, The Prozacs, The Vindictives, The Lemonaids

official free download: http://rttb-records.bandcamp.com/album/rttb-11-12-va-pop-punk-x-mas-hey-ho-ho-ho-let-it-snow


RTTB Summer Feelings Vol. 1 (Ramone To The Bone Records, 2012)

BBQTs song: Daytona Beach

other bands include: The Hairlips, The Brewers, The Sensibles, The Sentiments, Deecracks, Johnnie 5

official free download: http://rttb-records.bandcamp.com/album/rttb-05-12-va-rttb-summer-feelings-vol-01


Punk Rock Pot Luck IV (Punk Rock Review, 2010)

BBQTs song: The end of rock'n'roll

other bands include: The Riptides, The Sentiments, The Sheckies, Teenage Gluesniffers, The Prozacs

official free download:  http://punkrockreview1.bandcamp.com/album/punk-rock-pot-luck-vol-iv


Geek Monger Music Volume 5 (Murk Ta Records, 2009)

BBQTs songs: A.O.K., Knockout bitch, I wanna be on Mutant Pop, Your similarity to my middle finger

other bands: The Ackees, The Mixelpricks, The Proton Packs, Textbook


Split: Screaming Dogs/The Barbecuties - "Today Your Love And Also The World" (Bubblegum Attack Records, 2008)

BBQTs songs: Paris, USA, Kiss me baby, Stupid dickhead

other band: Screaming Dogs


Barfights & Brokenhearts (Punk Rock Review, 2007)

BBQTs song: Daytona Beach

other bands include: The Riptides, The Prozacs, The Guts, Johnie 3, The Mansfields

official free download: http://punkrockreview1.bandcamp.com/album/barfights-brokenhearts


Where The Fun Never Sets Vol. 1 (Cabana 1 Records, 2007)

BBQTs song: The life of Brian

other bands include: The Queers, The Mugwumps, The Prozacs, The Manges, The Underhills


Kleinstadtträume (Buchsenrecords, 2007)

BBQTs song: The life of Brian

other bands include: Tequila Terminators, Strezz, Jump The Shark, Dead Drunk Society


Bubblegum Attack World Compilation (Bubblegum Attack Records, 2006)

BBQTs songs: Love letters in the sand, Mini skirts and blue tops, Uuh baby baby

other bands include: The McRackins, The Sonic Dolls, The Brewers, The Spazzys, The Manges


What'd Ya Expect For A Buck (Amp Records, 2005)

BBQTs song: Who farted

other bands include: The 20 Belows, The Hymies, The Cretins


Banzai Nr. 14 Magazine CD Compilation (2005)

BBQTs song: The life of Brian

other bands include: The Tremolo Beer Gut, Slacktone, The Turbo ACs, Boozed, The Surfin' Gorillas


Punk Rock High School Int. (FM Molchit Records, 2004)

BBQTs song: Supersquishy girl

other bands include: The Apers, The Travoltas, , CJ Ramone & Bad Chopper, Darlington


Banzai! Pop Punk Nuggets Vol. 1 (Kamikaze Records, 2004)

BBQTs song: Cruisin' down the highway of love

other bands include: The Teen Sensation Glasses, The Hawaiians, The Groovie Ghoulies, The Travoltas, The Surfin' Lungs


The European Pop Punk Virus Volume 2 (Stardumb Records, 2003)

BBQTs song: Supersquishy girl

other bands include: The Zatopeks, The Apers, The Manges, The Backwood Creatures, The Travoltas, The Popsters



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