How The Barbecuties came to life

by Hot Rod

After our first musical attempts (Ninja Sushi and The Wiggums) didn't work out too well, Sid and I decided to start a pop punk band, playing all the Queers hits and so on. So we asked Han Solo, former lead-singer of the semi-popular skate-punk band Spyhole, to play the drums for us. That was around April 2001. We needed a name and we thought The Barbecuties, after a picture by - hell, who cares who painted it - was a good idea.

After rehearsing a couple of times, we saw the potential in our new band and started to write some new songs and played some old Wiggums hits. But we realized that we needed a second guitar player, so we asked Old Nick to join us, and,  immediately, he fell in love with our music. Sid and Nick still played in another band called Push Button For Jets, but they split up after a while and we were able to concentrate on The Barbecuties, writing new songs, playing some shows and recording a CD, Planet Of The Babes, which was recorded in September 2002.

Since then we've played shows with The Apers, Backwood Creatures, The Mansfields, The Manges, Sonic Dolls, DeeCracks and The Hawaiians and we had a few songs on various compilations. Our second CD, Showdown d'Amour was released in 2005. Our third CD Promnight Heartbreak was released in 2007. Then in 2009 we recorded  The Barbecuties Scared The Shit Out Of Me at the Popakademie in Mannheim, which was completely crazy. It was released by Bubblegum Attack Records, a very short-lived "free-download-internet-pop-punk-label".

After a short hiatus we recorded our best album so far called The Barbecuties Go Down With Style and had so much luck that the amazing Monster Zero Records (home of The Apers, Bat Bites, DeeCracks, Zatopeks etc.) helped us with the release.

Then after 15 years Nick left the band, but we will continue forever and...



 And now, the big Barbecuties who is who

Rod Cutie - vocals, guitar

Sid - vocals, bass

Han Solo - drums, vocals

Zap - guitar